(a) Medicine

Skin car products continuity nano-particles of zinc-oxide (ZnO) and titanium oxide(TiO).They protect the skin from harmful UV-light. These nano-particles undergoes photo excitation thereby using up UV-light so that skin cells will not be damaged.

i)Drug delivery to target tissue and organs

This has improved through the use of carbon nano tubes. The active ingredients is loaded into the nanotuber lipose which will breakdown to release the drug when it reaches the target tissue.

ii)Tissue engineering

tissue engineering has become more successful with advent of nanotechnology.

iii)Catalytic Activity

catalytic nano based enzymes have high specifity. They have unique optical, magnetic, electric and catalytic process.

iv)Bacterial Sensors

these are made through adding antibodies into nano tubes.

(b) Water Purification

Nano Filtration of H2O produces high quality water. This can be done through filtration using nano sized alumina fibre or carbon nanotubes. Nano sensors can also be used to detect contaminance in water.

Advantages of Nano particles in water purification

  • less pressure of H2O passing through the filter;
  • Nano particles have large surface area;
  • More efforts in removing fine suspended particles;
  • Back flushing is possible as a way of cleaning the filter or recovering the filter.

Nano filtration can remove chemical particles like ions, ions particles, bacterial and other pathogens.


Risks of Nano Technology

  • inhalation of very fine particles can result in lung cancer
  • oral exposure can also damage internal organs
  • skin contact can also result in penetration or absorption

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