• Electroplating is the process during which an object of one type of metal is covered with a thin layer of another metal using electricity.
  • It is a process of coating one metal with another through electrolysis

Copper plating

  • Anode is copper(metal used to plate)
  • Cathode is the iron nail (object to be plated).
  • Acidified copper sulphate solution is the electrolyte (contains copper ions).
  • The nail is cleaned well with sand paper and dipped in sulphuric acid to remove impurities and ensure that when atoms are deposited, they stick well to the nail
  • When current is passed through the electrolyte, the electrolyte breaks down into ions.
  • At the anode copper atoms lose electrons to become copper ions which move to the cathode where they gain electrons to become copper atoms and slowly deposits on the nail. Overtime the iron nail is covered with a thin coating of copper.


Reasons for electroplating materials

  1. Prevent corrosion or rusting
  2. Decoration i.e. making an object more attractive

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