Global Warming

  • Global warming is the gradual heating of the earth that is caused by elevated levels of green-house gases in the atmosphere. Green-house gases absorb heat in the atmosphere and prevent it from escaping into space.
  • Excessive burning of fuels such as coal and emissions from vehicles, veld fires and burning of wastes have created a build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which forms an insulating (greenhouse) effect on the earth. This prevents the sun’s heat from escaping or from being reflected back into space. This effect keeps the earth warm thus increasing the atmospheric temperature in a process referred to as global warming
  • Deforestation causes an increase in the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere because there is now less vegetation to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide in photosynthesis.


Effects of global warming

  • Temperature of oceans and atmosphere rise causing polar ice caps to melt. This results in higher sea level causing coastal areas to be flooded.
  • Global warming is also associated with change in climatic and wind patterns bringing about change in precipitation and rainfall patterns.
  • Increased air temperature (heat waves) Droughts


Ways of reducing global warming

  • Reducing and controlling deforestation and more trees are planted
  • Reducing emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning fuels by using alternative sources of energy such as solar, water and wind power

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