ZIMSEC Biology Practical

Paper 4 Tips & Hints

  • 2 Hours 30 minutes
  • 50 marks
  • Weighting – 14%
  • This paper will be a practical test set and marked by ZIMSEC.
  • The question paper will include experiments and investigations.
  • This paper consists of three compulsory questions of variable marks.
  • Candidates will be expected to show evidence of the following skills in the handling of familiar and unfamiliar biological material:
    • Planning
    • Implementing
    • Interpreting, concluding and evaluating

The paper comprises of experiments and investigations based on the Core syllabus. The students are expected to demonstrate planning and implementing skills in carrying out the practical exam. After that they should demonstrate interpreting and concluding skills on the findings of the investigations that they would have carried.

Good implementing skills can be demonstrated by carrying out experimental work in a methodical and organised way with due regard for safety and living organisms. The students should also use apparatus and materials in an appropriate way. They should be make accurate and detailed observations of low power and high power drawings of a specimen. They should also make measurements to the appropriate degree of precision allowed by apparatus. Interpreting and concluding skills involve assessing the reliability and accuracy of experimental data and techniques by identifying and assessing errors. Students should apply knowledge to explain and interpret experimental results to reach valid conclusions. They are also expected to communicate information, results and ideas in clear and appropriate ways using text, tabulation, graphs and figures.

This A Level Practical Module has been developed to facilitate learning among students and to
guide teachers in the execution of practicals. The practicals were derived from the Cambridge
and ZIMSEC past examination papers.

The module provided the teacher with selected practicals that can be executed by the students. For each practical a brief introduction of the concept being investigated is provided, the objectives and a detailed procedure. A list of materials and equipment required for the practicals are also provided

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