Artificial selection can be defined as mechanism which involves isolation of individuals which the desired characteristics are bred to produce a phenotype with the desired characteristics


Describe and explain, using an example, the process of artificial selection.

  • humans ; must be linked to, choosing / selecting / mating etc
  • parents with desirable feature ;
  • e.g. organism and feature ;
  • bred / crossed ;
  • select offspring with desirable feature ;
  • repeat over many generations ;
  • increase in frequency of desired allele(s) / decrease in frequency of undesired allele(s) ;
  • background genes ;
  • loss of hybrid vigour / increase in homozygosity / ref. inbreeding depression ;


Differences between natural and artificial selection


Artificial selection natural selection
Selection pressure applied is by humans Environmental selection pressure
Genetic diversity is lowered Genetic diversity remains high
Inbreeding is common Outbreeding is common
inbreeding depression less inbreeding depression
Increased homozygosity Decreased homozygosity
Usually faster Usually slower
Not for survival/evolution Promotes survival/evolution
No isolation mechanisms operating Isolation mechanisms do operate

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