Main pollutants

  • Carbon monoxides from unburnt hydrocarbons, exhaust fumes
  • sulphur dioxide from fossil fuels
  • Oxides of nitrogen from internal combustion of engines etc


Acid rain

is formed by mainly by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Effects of acid rain includes corrosion of building (calcium carbonate) materials and metal statues, increases acidity of soil, making it more unsuitable for plant growth, aggravates respiratory ailments eg asthma etc. Can be reduced by removing Sulphur dioxide from flue gases by desulphurization, reduce the use of fossil fuels etc


Ozone layer depletion

Ozone layer blocks UV rays from sun which causes cancer and blocks out high sun energy radiation and prevent it from penetration into earth’s surface. CFCs found in coolants in refrigerator and air conditioners, propellants in aerosols are released into the atmosphere……..


Global warming

Increase in temperatures of earth’s atmosphere due to trapping heat of greenhouse gases ie carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide. Hazards includes melting of polar icebergs, floods in low lying areas and coastal regions, alter crop yield etc. Cn be reduced by use of alternative forms of fuels, use of more electric cars, reduce the use of fossil fuels…



How to prevent pollution

  • reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • use of catalytic convertors in cars
  • use of electric vehicles
  • use of alternative forms of energy eg wing, hydroelectric power
  • create efficient engines in cars to ensure complete hydrogen combustion
  • replace the use of CFCs with HCFCs which destroys faster
  • recycling of materials

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